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Pepper - Szechuan Ground 500g

Also known as Shchuan pepper, Szechwan pepper or Szechuan Pepper.
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It is one of the traditional ingredients in the Chinese Five spice. It is used in cooking chicken, duck and pork dishes such as the Peking Duck. In China, this pepper is added to noodle recipes and spicy soups to give them some heat.

It mixes well with star anise and ginger.

It is a very hot spice! 

Medicinal Powers?

It seems to possess at least some of the aromatic and complex chemicals that enliven food.

Fun Facts.

Szechuan pepper is native to Sichuan, a region in southwest of China, near the borders of Tibet.

Not related to pepper or chilli pepper.
It is still grown wild and is hand harvested by very brave people. The Szechuan bush has very large and very sharp thorns (Like roses).
The pepper is threshed from the vine and then ground.
It has a slight lemony overtones and creates a tingly numbness in the mouth.

North American native peoples used the bark of different varieties as a general stimulant and a cure for toothache. It is one reason these trees are called "toothache tree".

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Szechuan Ground Pepper comes from China!