About Us

Culpepers are a Herbs and Spice's blending and food packing company.

We’re located in an industrial area in Balcatta in Perth, Western Australia. We’ve been packing dry food products for the WA Food Service and Food Manufacturing market for over 40 years.

Many of the people working here have been doing so for quite some time. Our wealth of knowledge about herbs and spices is really quite impressive. We’re also great at packing nuts, dried fruits, dried beans, peas, seeds and flour products. These get sold to W.A. Food Service distributors and ultimately end up in Perth’s finest eating establishments.

We also supply ingredients to WA’s leading food manufacturers. Our HACCP accreditation ensures high quality ingredient sourcing, processing, packing and distribution of our products.

We're not importers!  We do however, only source our products from the most reputable quality companies that do.

We now do mail order but we don’t have a retail store. We do have EFTPOS and credit card facilities.

We do have great supply arrangements with the best distributors Perth has to offer and we’ll assist your establishment getting the most out of the Culpepers' range. Some regional distributors also range our products.

Culpepers' operates from 7.30 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Thursday and 7.30am to 12.30 pm on Friday.

We’re easy to contact via our email address enquires@culpepers.net.au
or you can phone us on 08 9201 8777.

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