Culpepers' Labels

At Culpepers, we have the flexibility to print our own labels.

They have our logo on them which symbolises our quality and reliability to the Western Australian Food Service Industry.

We also put on our address. Mostly because we have too, but also because we’re proud of who we are, so we’re comfortable about people knowing where to find us.

We keep the government happy putting the ABN on the label.

Funnily enough we include what is in the bag. IE: the name of the product. If it has ingredients we include them in a list and print them in descending order as per the regulations.

Under that we’ll advise you of the weight of the bag. That’ll save you time weighing it for yourself. Also so you can see that it matches the invoice.

We have a nutritional panel that advises you of things like kilo joules, fat, sugar, protein and sodium. That’s calculated on a serving size that I’m pretty sure that no one uses

We have a bar code for those that like to scan products.

We have a country of origin because it’s fascinating to know where all these products come from. Also, because IT’S THE LAW!.

We add an allergen warning on products that may cause an issue for those that are susceptible. You’ll need to pass that on to your customers too.

We put on a use by date. This is our promise to you.

We also put on a lot number. This is so we can track the product from when it was packed to where it was sold. This is in case we need to do a recall. We’ve done a few mock recalls and we’re confident the plan will work should we ever need to do it for real.

We also include storage advice. We don’t want our products to spoil. Sunlight, heat and bugs are the products enemy. We want you to use our products quickly, but when you can’t, please look after them. See the drop down informations sheet in the about tab for more on this.

Most importantly, there is an invitation to visit our website! But then, you’re already doing that.

Other customer’s labels

Some of our customer’s want to resell our products under their own brand. We’re comfortable with that too. The only thing that is different is that the bags will have their logo and their address on the packaging.

Also the bar code will be different; if they choose to have one.

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