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Apple Rings 1kg

Fuji apples are peeled and sliced from a fresh apple. They are then dried to about 20% moisture. Added SO2 preserves its white colour.
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Often used as a component of a fruit and cheese platter. Also good as a snack. Fuji apple are delicious with wine. They can be added to pies, muffins or any cakes.

Medicinal Powers?

Fresh apples are high in fibre and Vitamin C.

Apples may help to reduce risk of heart attack or heart disease. They also might reduce cholesterol.

Fun Facts

The Fuji Apple is a Hybrid. It was developed in Japan in the late 1930 and became commercial in 1962. Other names include Yataka, Tensei, Fuji Spike, Fuji Fubrax and Fugachee.
In the USA, Washington State grows more than half of all the apples grown for the USA market.

The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds so about 1.4 kg!

There are over 8000 varieties of apple.

An average apple contains 10 seeds.

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