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Bay Leaves 1kg

These are the dried leaves from the Laurel plant "Laurus Nobilis" and have a sharp, bitter taste. They should be discarded after use. They grow in warm climates.
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Dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavour and fragrance. They are often used in soups, stews, braises, in pate' making and slow cooking recipes.

Bay leaves are a part of the traditional French blend named bouquet garni.

Medicinal Powers?

They aren't used in modern medicine but are steeped in medical history. They were used as a type of bandage to help with the healing of wounds. They were also thought to be beneficial for the liver and other organs. They may assist during birth but should be avoided by pregnant women as they may cause early labour.
The oil is reported great as an ointment for bruises and marks on the skin as a result of a fall. Also reduces itchiness.
Even though they are quite bitter the leaves are okay to eat without toxic effect. They may however present a choking hazard.

Fun Facts

The Greek god Apollo wore a wreath made of Laurel (Bay Leaves)
Also known as Laurel leaves. In ancient times the Roman Emperor would wear a wreath made of Laurel Leaves at festive events. Hence the phrase "Resting on one's laurels' used to mean basking in one's own success.
Can also be known as Oregon Myrtle and as Pepperwood.

The Latin name for the bay tree comes from laurus meaning "laurel" and nobilis meaning "famous".

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