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Couscous - Israeli 1kg

Culpepers' couscous - Israeli is larger than our traditional couscous. It is made from wheat flour and semolina. It is ball shaped and this couscous is toasted instead of simply dried.
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Cook the couscous in boiling water or in water that has been mixed with Culpepers' chicken, beef, vegetable or mushroom stock powder. Serve with prepared meat and vegetable.

To make an exciting desert - Cook the couscous in boiling water, drain, mix with butter, sugar, cinnamon, raisings, chopped nuts and then top with ice cream. Yum

Medicinal Powers?

Fun Facts

Couscous has less kilojoules than rice.

Originally called Ben-Gurion rice after Israels first Prime minister whom suggested the idea to the Osem food company in 1953.

It later became known as Ptitim but some people know it as Jerusalem Couscous.

Country of Origin

Ironically, Culpepers' Couscous Israeli comes from Tunisia.