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Szechuan Seasoning 1kg

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Sprinkle onto foods prior to cooking to add and intense hot spicy flavour to foods.

A seasoning blend that will infuse meats, seafood, vegetables, noodles, rice and stir-fry dishes with delicious flavours.

Medicinal powers?

Dependent on the ingredients

Fun facts

Sichuan pepper is a spice in Chinese cuisine that originates from the southwestern Sichuan Province. It’s unique aroma and flavour is neither hot like chili peppers nor pungent like black pepper.

Sichuan province is known as the "Land of influence" and the probable birth place of the Chinese people. Written records dating back 3,000 years have been found to support this.

Country of origin.

Culpepers Szechuan Seasoning is blended in Australia from imported ingredients.