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Sumac Ground 1kg

The fruits (drupes) of the genus Rhus are dried and ground into a burgundy powder and then used as a spice.
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  Sumac Ground
Sumac Ground


Adds a lemony tang to salads and meat. Often used on lamb or grilled chicken and fish and is mixed in with Hummus.

It will add a dark burgundy colour to food. 

In Middle East, sumac is used as an alternative to vinegar or lemon juice.

This spice mix well with paprika, pepper and oregano.

Medicinal Powers?

The plant has been used in folk medicine to treat diarrhoea and hearing loss.

Beware "Poison Sumac". It contains a resin that causes skin irritations and if inhaled will cause extreme pain. Only buy Sumac from a reputable source.

Fun Facts?

Sometimes used to make a beverage termed "Sumac-ade", "Indian Lemonade" or "Rhus Juice"

AKA Staghorn Sumac or Stag's Horn Sumac.

All parts of sumac trees yield tannings and dyes that have been used for centuries in the leather industry.

There are 150 varieties,  but only 6 berries are eatable. One variety is named the "Poison sumac" but we can distinguish it by its white fruits. It is used to make ink and varnish. Do not eat it!

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