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Sugar - Raw 3kg

Natural Granulated Sugar. Golden in colour and has a honey like taste.
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  Sugar Raw
Sugar Raw


Mostly used as a sweetener in coffee and tea.
Often used in baking cookies and cakes.

Tend to have a richer flavour than white sugar.

Medicinal powers?

None found. Raw sugar is the least processed of all of the cane sugars available so it is the most Earth friendly.
Raw sugar does have trace elements of calcium, iron and potassium but they are in levels so small they wouldn't be of any heath benefit.

Fun Facts

The brown colour in the sugar comes from molasses.
Lime is used in the processing of the sugar to achieve the correct PH balance.
Raw sugar is also known as Turbinado sugar. A term first use in 1909 to mean partially refined cane sugar that has been washed and dried, is off-white, yellowish, or greyish in colour, and is used in industry and food processing.
Raw sugar is processed by boiling once. White sugar is boiled three times to remove the molasses.
The Australian per capita head consumption is estimated at 40 kilo per year. This is the highest in the world.

Country of Origin.

Culpeper's Raw Sugar comes from Australia