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Quinoa Seeds - Black 1kg

Quinoa is an ancient grain that is about the size of sesame seeds. They come in Red, Black, or White seeds. Originating in South America it is becoming very popular in Australia.
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  Quinoa Seeds -Black
Quinoa Seeds-Black


Soaking them softens the seeds making them suitable to be added to cereals, muffins or baked goods and salads. Often used as a Gluten-free alternative to Couscous. It mixes well with pinto beans, pumpkin seeds, and coriander.

It has a sweet and nutty flavour. It needs about 15 to 20 minutes to be completely cooked.

Medicinal Powers?

Quinoa seeds contain essential amino acids like lysine and have high quantities of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron.

It may have some anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in nutrients.

Fun Facts.

As a chenopod, quinoa is closely related to species such as beetroot, spinach, and tumbleweeds!

Quinoa comes from South America in the Andes. It started to become popular about 3000 BCE. At these times there were already 250 varieties of quinoa.

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