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Peas - Split Yellow 1kg

A hard, small spherical seed from the Dun Pea and comes from Australia.
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  Peas-Split Yellow
Peas-Split Yellow


Soak for about 10 hours in fresh water at 4 degree C, drain and replace water and cook on a low heat for about 45 minutes. Can be used in soups, pea puddings and mixes well with rice.

Medicinal Powers?

Split peas are high in protein and are low in fat.

They can help to reduce cholesterol level and sulfite sensitivity or even regulate blood sugar levels. They may also improve heart health and weight control.

Fun Facts

The Dun Pea is also known as a Parafield Pea. This is also the name of Adelaide's SA airport so think about that when next your there and need to go.

Country of Origin!

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