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Parsley Flakes 1kg

When grown in the garden, parsley is bright green. As it dries, it changes to a greyish green.
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Parsley is often used in salads, as a garnish, mixed in with sauces and salad dressings and to add flavour to any savoury meal such as tabouli, soups or pasta dishes. It is also mixed in with cheese.

Medicinal Powers?

It increases blood flow to digestive organs, fights urinary tract infections and reduces inflammation.

A herbal tea made from parsley seed oil will promote menstrual flow and ease menstrual pain.

Fresh parsley applied to the skin might relive the pain of insect bites, and it may even reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Fun Facts

Fresh parsley contains apiol oil. Plants containing apiol were used by woman in the Middle Ages to terminate pregnancies. Not so funny.
It is commonly grown in the home garden as it is easy to cultivate. The plant grows to about 60 cm and should be regularly harvested before it goes to seed.

The botanical name for Parsley is Petroselinum, which comes from the Greek word "stone", petra. It was given to parsley because Parsley was found growing on rocky hillsides in Greece.

Parsley was also used to make garlands and was given to horses as fodder.

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