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Coconuts Shredded (Long thread) 1kg

Also known as "Long Thread" the threads of coconut are carved from the dried coconut flesh.
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Is used in bakery products, sauces and is very popular in Asian cuisine. Delicious in puddings with some mango. Can be added to savoury dishes with fish.

Medicinal Powers?

The hexane fraction of coconut peel may contain novel anticancer compounds.

Fun Facts

The Philippines produces nearly 60% of the world crop of Coconut products.

Botanically a coconut is a large "Drupe" and not a true nut at all.

They have been used as a food and a medicine for the last 3900 years such as in Ayurvedic medicine.

The coconut shell was used during the World War 1 in gas masks. Indeed, factories used the carbon from charred coconut shell to manufacture gas absorbents.

Country of Origin!

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