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Cloves Whole 500g

Cloves are the aromatic dried flower bud of the Clove tree.
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They are best stored whole and ground fresh when required. They are used to add flavour to meat and seafood. They are also popular on cooked fruit desserts. They have a pungent, sweet and spicy flavour.

Medicinal Powers?

Cloves may be used as a carminative and as a mild pain blocker.

They can also have antiseptic and anaesthetic effect.

Fun Facts

On 27 October 1628, the newly built Batavia, commissioned by the Dutch East India Company, sailed from Texel for the Dutch East Indies, to obtain Cloves and Nutmeg. It sank on voyage off the WA coast.

Cloves were probably the first form of breath freshener. Indeed, during the Han Dynasty, courtiers held cloves in their mouths to sweeten their breath before addressing the emperor.

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