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Cashews Raw 1kg

In English name for Cashews comes from the Portuguese name "Caju" meaning fruit of the tree. The cashew seed is harvested from the fruit.
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  Cashews Raw
Cashews Raw


Popular as a snack food and is also used in cooking, dips, ice-creams, sauces etc.  Delicious in vegetarian dishes.

Medicinal Powers?

Great source of Protein, Healthy Mono-Saturated Fats, Calcium, and Iron.

The oil extracted from the cashew seed may help to cure cracked heels. When the seeds are ground into a powder, they might have an anti-venom effects for snake's bites.

They also could have some medicinal properties such as aiding the immune system and possibly relieving the effects of diabetes.

Fun Facts

A fruit drink made from the cashew apple pulp has a very refreshing taste and a tropical flavour. It has been described as have the flavour of Mango, raw green pepper and a hint of grapefruit.

Cashews are harvested by hand!

Country of Origin!

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