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Walnut Topping Pieces 1kg

Walnuts from the shell that have been broken into small pieces approximately 8 mm is diameter.
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  Walnut Topping Pieces
Walnut Topping Pieces


Used as cake decorations and in Walnut muffins. Also used as a topping on sticky buns.They are delicious with yogurt and maple syrup or in salads. It complements cheese very well.

Medicinal Powers?

Walnut consumption may reduce fat levels in obese adults?

Walnuts can possibly protect from cardiovascular problems or from type 2 diabetes. They can have some inflammatory properties.

They also could be a "brain food" because they may have the ability to support our most important organ:the brain.

Fun Facts

Walnut plants secrete a chemical into the soil that prevents competing vegetation from growing.

Walnuts are graded by shape and colour. The four colours are 1. extra light. 2. light. 3. light amber. 4. amber.

As a walnut gets old the oil content can go rancid. This makes the walnut bitter. Fresh Culpeper's walnuts are the best.

China is the largest producer of Walnuts in the world with about 360 000 PA metric tons produced while the USA are second with approximately 294 000 PA metric tons of production.

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