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Vanilla Pod (pkt 1)

It is the fruit of the Vanilla Orchid. they are long thin and dark in colour. The higher the moisture level the higher the grade.
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  Vanilla Pods
Vanilla Pods


It is a major flavour in ice creams and complements chocolate, dessert, custard, caramel and coffee flavours. Also used in cakes and biscuits.

Vanilla is also starting to be used in savoury cooking such as recipe with chicken.

Medicinal Powers?

It is possibly a nerve stimulant and an aphrodisiac.

Overexposure to Vanilla can produce headache, lassitude and allergic reactions. Workers in Vanilla fields often suffer from the side effect called "Vanillism".

Fun Facts.

Vanilla is native Southeast of Mexico and Central America. No one knows when the Aztecs started using Vanilla. At this time, Aztec were having a drink of chocolate and Vanilla.

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after Saffron. It is the second most popular after pepper.

Each Vanilla flower must be hand-pollinated within 12 hours of opening. Edmun Albius, who was a 12 year old slave living on the island of Reunion, discovered that by using a small brush that he could pollinate the flower

In the picture book series Asterix the Gaul, Asterix's best friend Obelix's mother is named Vanilla.

The cosmetic industry uses vanilla to make some perfumes.

Imitation Vanilla doesn't measure up on the flavour.

Vanilla was used to scent tobacco.

Vanilla is a member of the largest family of flowering plants, named orchid genus. It is composed of 20000 different species and 100 varieties of Vanilla.

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