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Tarragon Leaves 100g

This is a herb that grows to about 90 cm. It is dried and used as a vegetable seasoning.
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Its distinct anise like flavour makes it popular in salads, pickles, seafood's, and poultry dishes. Used to make a Bearnaise sauce and poured onto a steak or veal.

Medicinal Powers?

It is reputedly a breath freshener, inducer of sleep and beneficial to the heart.

Stimulates appetite and digestion.

Fun Facts

Originally from Siberia and Northwestern America

Author "Alexander Dumas" writer of "The three musketeers." exclaimed that "there is no good vinegar without tarragon!".

The French word for Tarragon is "Estragon", which means "little dragon". The relation with the dragon comes from the belief that tarragon was an antidote to the venom of serpents.

Tarragon plants can only be propagated by root divisions or from cuttings.

Country of Origin!

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