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Sultana 1kg

A Sultana is a type of Raisin. They are generally lighter in colour and generally come from green grapes.
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Used in mince fruit, fruit cakes, cereals, bread products, desserts. Can be added to oatmeal, chutneys or any baked goods.

Medicinal Powers?

Sultanas and raisins are high in certain antioxidants, but have a lower vitamin C content than fresh grapes and are low in sodium.

Sultana's are not fattening despite their sugar content.

They may improve blood circulation.

They may be a good source of dietary Iron.

Fun Facts

Sultana juice was once used in a fraud case where the perpetrators tried to pass it of as Chardonnay.

Most Sultanas come from the Thompson seedless grape. named after William Thompson, a viniculturalist in California USA. Sultanas are originally used to make wine.

The wife of a Sultan is known as a Sultana.

Country of origin.

Culpepers' Sultanas come from Turkey.