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Sugar - Castor 3kg

Finely ground white sugar.
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  Sugar Castor
Sugar Castor


Finely graded sugar is useful where the grittiness of standard white sugar is a concern. Often used in making meringues and other delicate desserts.

Medicinal Powers?

None found. Tooth decay and Diabetes are concerns due to over consumption of sugar.

Sugar is also used in some pharmaceuticals and can be applied to assist healing wounds.

Fun Facts

Castor sugar got its name from the "Castor Sieve" used to separate large crystals from the fine ones. 

As we know, sugar is used by the body as fuel, but it is also the main component of the fuel used in rockets by amateurs.

In 2007, a group of American chemists from Virginia, created the first sugar battery which can last up to 3 times more than an usual lithium battery!

Country of Origin!

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