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Stock powder (Chicken Style) 1kg

Stock powder is made up spices, herbs, salt, and flavours. It is free of meat protein and therefore suitable for vegans. This stock powder is designed to work with chicken.
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  Stock Powder Chicken Style
Stock Powder Chicken Style


Use one heaped teaspoon for every 500 ml of warm water to make a liquid stock.

Suitable to make soups, stews, stir fry, risotto, couscous and generally adds flavour to cooking.

Medicinal powers?

A healthy soup does make you feel better when you feeling cold, low in energy or have cold and flu symptoms.

Culpepers stock powders are free from MSG, gluten, dairy and only use natural flavours and colours.

Fun facts

Stock powder isn't made from dehydrated liquid stock. It is made from dry ingredients and the moisture comes from the vegetable oil.

Stock and broth is essentially the same thing. The ingredients selected are up the imagination of the preparer and to what is available.

Traditionally stock is made from slow cooked animal bones. 17 century food writer Anne Blencowe referred to stock powders in the late 1600's.

Stock cubes became commercially available in the early 1900's.

Bouillon is the French word for broth.

Country of origin.

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