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Salt - Sea Flake 1kg

Salt flakes are a category of salt characterized by their dry, thin plate-like ("Lamellose) crystals.
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These salts are mostly for decorative purposes. They tend to have a lower trace mineral content to other salts giving them a stronger saltier taste.

Medicinal Powers?

Culpepers recommend that individuals consume no more than 1500-2300 mg of sodium (3750-5750 mg of salt) per day.

Fun Facts

The primary role of a "Selmelier" is to assist chefs with the decisions about using salt, in what quantities, types according to the type and size of dish being prepared.

In the Middle Ages, salt was so expensive that is was referred to as the "White gold".

Salt was used to preserve Egyptian mummies.

In the United States of America, only 6% of the salt is used as a food. 17% is used for deicing streets and highways in the winter !

The presence of salt (or any electrolyte) in the water accelerates the reaction because it increases the conductivity of water, effectively increasing the concentration of ions in the water and so increasing the rate of oxidation (corrosion) of the metal.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Sea flake salt comes from Australia!