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Salt - Cooking (Lake Deborah) 2.5kg

Salt is a crystal comprising of Chloride and Sodium. It is used as a seasoning on food.
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This cooking salt is used extensively in cooking as a flavour enhancer and to cure a wide variety of foods such as bacon and fish.

This salt is 1mm (maximum) particle size. It has no flowing agent.

Medicinal Powers?

Culpepers recommend that individuals consume no more than 1500-2300 mg of sodium (3750-5750 mg of salt) per day.

Packaging spiel.

Lake Deborah is one of the purest sources of lake salt. Lake Deborah is a miraculous gift from Mother Nature. Formed over five million years ago when the world was free of pollutants, the lake lies dormant all year until the arrival of the winter rains. The fresh rainwater then gently dissolves the lake's crust and draws a natural brine to the surface, which evaporates under the summer sun to form white salt crystals.

We carefully collect Mother Nature's gifts with minimal impact on the lake, and package our Lake Deborah Pure Lake Salt for delivery to you. The result is a mild tasting salt that's softer on the palette, with the ability to enhance the natural flavour of the food it complements.

Fun Facts

Lake Deborah and the township of Lake Deborah is located East of Perth near Koolyanobbing. Lake Deborah township has a population of 61 people.

Country of Origin!

Lake Deborah Salt comes from Australia and is now available from Culpepers!