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Sage Leaves Rubbed 1kg

Sage is a herb with small greyish leaves. These are dried and rubbed into fine particles suitable for sprinkling.
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Often added to meat and especially sausages. As well as adding flavour, it can also reduce spoilage as it acts like a preservative. Great in bread products, scones, and dips. Also delicious with eggplants and tomatoes.

It has a savoury, astringent flavour with hints of peppermint.

Medicinal Powers?

It is a natural antibacterial agent and antioxidant. Clears a throat inflammation and can help fight the common cold.

Should not be taken during pregnancy.

Fun Facts

As well as flavouring food it may assist with women's fertility, warding off evil spirits and treating snakebites.

Bees love the aroma of sage, but cabbage moths do not. Planting sage will repel cabbage moths and attract the bees.

A Sage is also the term used to describe a truly wise man.

Sage is also the name of a fictional character in X-Men.

During the 16th century, sage tea was really popular in England, while in China, they started to be fond of it during the 17th century.

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