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Saffron Strands 1g

The strands are derived from a flower known as saffron crocus. Each crocus has four flowers and each flower has three crimson stigmas or strands.
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  Saffron Strands
Saffron Strands


Adding saffron contributes a flavour like sweet hay and a luminous yellow-orange colouring to foods such as in Indian recipes, Italian risotto, couscous, Spanish paella or even cakes. It mixes well with seafood, chicken or lamb.

Medicinal Powers?

Research has indicated that the saffron spice may have anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic, immunomodulating, and antioxidant-like properties. Quite a mouth full.

Might also be good against gout and arthritis.

The plant itself is poisonous

Fun Facts

There are between 110,000 and 170,000 flowers required to harvest for each 1 kilo of saffron. This may contribute to its price as the most expensive spice on the market.

90% of the world's annual production (between 185 to 220 tons) are produced by Iran!

Also known as Naked Ladies from the fact that the flowers emerge from the ground long after the leaves have died back.

The first reference of saffron dates back to 2300 before current era. About 1550 BCE, saffron was used as cosmetics application. Then Cleopatra used to do face-wash of saffron in order to enhance her beauty and prevent blemishes.

During the ancient times in Greece and in Rome, saffron was used to sweeten the air in theaters and was popular for its medicinal properties.

The true saffron must not be confused with a plant named "Autumn crocus" which is poisonous.

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