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Pistachio Kernels 1kg

The Pistachio is a seed and is therefore referred to as a culinary nut. It has a mauvish (Pale Purple) skin and light green flesh, with a distinctive flavour.
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Eaten raw or roasted they make a great snack. They are used in Ice-creams, confectionery, salads and dips.

Medicinal Powers?

May lower the risk of heart disease. Alfa-toxin is a frequent risk so store in the refrigerator.

They might help with weight loss because it gives the feeling of satiety. They could help to improve skin health and boost energy level.

It can be a possible allergen.

Fun Facts

Pistachios have been commercially grown for over 7,000 years. The hanging gardens of Babylon were said to have Pistachio trees.

Each mature Pistachio tree produces about 50 kilos of kernels. They can be harvested for the first time when the trees are about 10 to 12 years old.

Pistachios are related to cashews, mango, poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.

Every 26th of February is the World Pistachio Day!

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