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Pepper - White Ground 500g

The harvested green peppercorns are soaked in a brine solution until they turn white. They are then washed, dried and ground into a fine powder.
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Lightly sprinkle on cooked food. Often served at the dinner table from a pepper dispenser.

It can also be added to the cooking of any savoury dish to enhance the flavour, such as casseroles, soups or charcuteries.

In cooking, spices should be applied at the start of the cooking so that the spice soaks in the food and gives its full effect. Use it in moderation, or its flavours can override more subtle ingredients.

Medicinal Powers?

Extracts from pepper have been found to have antioxidant properties and anti-carcinogenic effects.

Fun Facts.

Pepper has been known to induce sneezing. True.

Some chefs use it because they do not like the colour of Black Pepper in their white sauces.

Country of Origin!

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