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Pecan Kernels 1kg

Native to North America the pecan is a popular product and is used in a variety of dishes. Our pecans come from Queensland and are called mammoth halves.
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Great as a snack. Is the main ingredient in Pecan Pie. Used in salads and in confectionery. There also delicious on dessert, such as ice cream or on top of cookies.

Medicinal Powers?

Good source of protein and dietary fibre. Eating a handful of Pecan each day may assist in lowering cholesterol levels or in weight loss.

They might have many others medicinal properties such as preventing skin problems, decreasing inflammation, or maintaining energy.

Fun Facts

A pecan is not truly a nut but is technically a drupe. (A fruit with a single stone or pit). It is surrounded by a husk and is therefore a seed.

Pecan trees may live and bear eatable seeds for over 300 years.

The Pecan tree is the state tree of Texas USA.

The name comes from the Algonquians, and it means "a nut that require a stone to crack".

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