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Parsley Flakes - Garnish 1kg

Garden Parsley is Garnish. Normally, when it dries it goes a grayish green but with this parsley SO2 is added during the drying process to maintain the bright green appearance.
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Bright green parsley is used were the colour is significant. It is generally more expensive than standard dried parsley. Mostly used as a garnish on a omelet.

Great sprinkled onto soup for flavour and decoration.

Medicinal Powers?

Increases blood flow to digestive organs, fights urinary tract infections and reduces inflammations.

Fun Facts

It takes 12 kilos of fresh parsley to produce 1 kilo of dried parsley.

During the 2nd century, Romans used it as a breath freshener.

The Greeks did not use Parsley in cooking because they thought it was a symbol of death ad was used as a funeral herb. In mythology, parsley was believed to have sprung from the blood of a Greek hero, Archemoros, the forerunner of death.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Bright Green Parsley comes from Israel or Germany!