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Parsley Flakes Garnish Canister 75g

Garden Parsley is Garnish. Normally, when it dries it goes a grayish green but with this parsley SO2 is added during the drying process to maintain the bright green appearance.
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Bright green parsley is used were the colour is significant. It is generally more expensive than standard dried parsley. Mostly used as a garnish or in omelettes.

Medicinal Powers?

Increases blood flow to digestive organs, fights urinary tract infections and reduces inflammations.

Fun Facts

It takes 12 kilos of fresh parsley to produce 1 kilo of dried parsley.

During the 2nd century, Romans used it as a breath freshener.

The Greeks did not use Parsley in cooking because they thought it was a symbol of death ad was used as a funeral herb. In mythology, parsley was believed to have sprung from the blood of a Greek hero, Archemoros, the forerunner of death.