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Mustard Seeds Red Canister 600g

Mustard Seed (Red) in a canister
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Adds a mustard flavour to savoury dishes. Especially used in salad dressing and condiments.

Medicinal Powers?

Mustard seed is rich source of oil and protein.

As a poultice the ground mustard is made into a paste and can ease the pain of sciatica, gout, aching joints and chest pain from coughing.

The oil is incorporated into liniments for rheumatic pain.

It may reduce oedema (Swelling and or water retention).

Mustard oil may irritate the skin.

Fun Facts.

In the "World English Bible" Matthew 13:31-32 there is a parable of the mustard seed and how the kingdom of heaven grew from small beginnings.

The name "mustard", according to the theory, comes from the Latin words mustum for "must" and ardens for "hot".

Red mustard and black mustard seeds are similar in size, but in fact brown ones have only 70% of the pungency of the black ones, when the enzyme is activated.