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Mung Beans 1kg

Small, dark green, dried, round (ovoid) Bean.
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  Mung Beans
Mung Beans


Soak for about 10 hours in fresh water at 4 degree C, drain and refill with fresh water and cook on a low heat for about 45 minutes. Used in Chinese and Indian cuisine and great in soups and stews. Delicious in pancakes or dumplings.

Medicinal Powers?

Provides high quality protein in the diet.

It could defend against several chronic and age-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Fun Facts

In Hong Kong, dehulled Mung Beans are made into a paste which is used to make ice cream and frozen Ice popsicles.

Mung Beans are sometimes used in protein powder or canned soups.

Mung beans were first domesticated in India, where they have been growing for about 4500 years.

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