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Marjoram Leaves Canister 150g

A perennial herbs that is a bit sensitive to the cold. It grows as a shrub and the leaves have sweet pine and citrus scented flavours. It grows to about 25 cm high. The flowers are pink or white.
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Often mixed in with other Herbs and used to add flavour to savoury dishes and cheese and soups. Also great in salads.

Dried Marjoram has a stronger taste than fresh Marjoram.

Medicinal Powers?

It may be used as a pain relief and it might be good for headache relief.

The oil may relieve the pain of a muscle strain.

Fun Facts

In ancient times a wreath made out of marjoram leaves was worn to symbolise true love, honour and happiness. That is why, it was used over graves to signify eternal peace for the departed.

During the Middle Ages, people used marjoram as a substitute for rare and more expensive exotic spices.