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Lentils - Du Puy 1kg

This small dark green lentil is a lentil cultivated from the Lens enculenta variety.
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  Lentils -Du Puy
Lentils -Du Puy


Soak in clean boiling water for about 15 minutes, cook for approximately 25 minutes on a low heat. Make sure you drain all the water used for soaking and refill water for cooking.

Often eaten as it is, but can also be mixed in with rice as a meal component with fish, meat or games. Also delicious in salads. 

It has a rich and peppery flavour.

Medicinal Powers?

High in Protein, Fibre and Iron. It also contains mineral such as magnesium.

Fun Facts

In Europe the term "Du Puy" may only be used if the Lentils come from the region of "Le Puy" in south-central France near the Loire river. 

Lentils are among the first plants cultivated by the man. You can find them in Auvergne (France) since Romans times.

Country of Origin!

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