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Lemon Myrtle 500g

Lemon Myrtle is a popular Australian native Herb. It has a lemon lime fragrance.
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Lemon myrtle gaining popularity as an Australian way to add flavour as a rub onto fish, chips, chicken and roast vegetables.

Combine lemon myrtle with fresh mango and make a great marinade for prawns.

Now being used to add a unique flavour to cheese.

I've also heard that some people add it to pasta and tang up a pasta salad.

It gives a sweet lemony taste to food.

Medicinal powers?

It is reported to have antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so it may help ward off sinus infections.

Just don't be anti myrtle.

It's oils may be great when fighting a chest infection.

It may be a good source of magnesium and vitamin A and E.

Fun Facts

You can pick the leaves of the trees in Lismore, NSW. Please check with the owner first.

The trees prefer a temperate growing region.

Also known as Sweet Verbena and scented Blackhousia.

You can use it as an air freshener.

Country of Origin.

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