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Hazelnut Kernels 1kg

Hazel nuts come from Hazel trees. Most of the Hazel trees choose to grow in Turkey.

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  Hazelnut Kernels
Hazelnut Kernels


Hazelnuts are used in confectionery to make praline. They are also used in combination with Chocolate and with chocolate truffles. This is a versatile ingredient which can be added in many different recipes.

Medicinal Powers?

Regarded as a healthy eating nut as it contains a special composition of oils. (Primarily Oleic Acid), carbohydrates and vitamins.

They are rich in phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and potassium

They may help with heart disease, diabetes or they even can boost brain function.

Fun Facts

The Hazelnuts comes from the Black Sea region of Turkey. Turkey has been the world's primary hazelnut exporter for 2300 years.

Roasting them increases their shelf life. Historically, they have been a useful food to ancient mariners as they kept well on long voyages.

Hazelnuts are used to make Nutella and Frangelico liqueur.

Hazelnut's bloom and pollinate in the middle of winter. The flowers stay dormant for about 6 months and then the nuts begin to form.

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