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Great Northern Beans 1kg

Also known as Cannellini Beans and White Beans.
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Soak in fresh water for about 10 hours at 4 degree C, drain and rinse well. Cook for about 90 minutes and drain. Great in soups, salads, soups and pies. This bean is really versatile and is great in a lot of different dishes. It is used in French cassoulet or in the Boston Baked  Beans of America.

Cumin, cayenne, chili, parsley, pepper, sage and thyme all go well with cooked beans.

It has a mild flavour so it can take the taste of others ingredients.

Medicinal Powers?

Great source of Zinc, Foliate, Protein, and it may lower Cholesterol.

Fun Facts

In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome the beans were used in voting. A white bean signified a "yes" vote and a black bean meant "No". The name Great Northern Beans is common usage in the USA.

Country of Origin!

Our Great Northern Beans (and Cannellini Beans) come from Australia, USA of Canada.