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Garlic Granules 1kg

Garlic is a species within the onion genus. When dried it can be stored for long periods as granules or powder. It is better described as a vegetable even though it shouldn't be eaten raw and only in moderation when cooked.
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  Garlic Granules
Garlic Granules


The Granules are used to flavour almost any savoury dish or salads and is the most popular flavouring in the world.

Medicinal Powers?

Fresh Garlic has amazing antibacterial properties and can ward off diseases. In WW1 the army doctors used it to prevent gangrene and applied it directly to the wound.

Garlic syrup can be used to prevent and treat colds.

Should be used in moderation as it can upset the stomach.

Fun Facts.

Garlic originated in India and Central Asia. China produces approximately 75% of the worlds Garlic Crop!

"Bottom" a character in Shakespeare's "A Mid -Summer Nights Dream" cautioned his fellow actors "Eat no garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath."

Garlic is one of the oldest of known cultivated plants, indeed it was found in the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamum (1358 before current era).

It was also used as a preservative in food manufacturing.

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