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Figs 1kg

The fig species grown for their fruits is the Ficus carica. Figs ripen at the end of summer.
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Used as a snaking food but also copped finely it can be added to salads, within bread products, cakes and other desserts such as crumble or pie. Delicious in smoothie, in porridge, with cheese or as a stuffing for pork.

Medicinal Powers?

Used in traditional medicine figs contain laxative substances, flavournoids sugars, Vitamin A and C, acids, and enzymes.

As it is used to make a laxative, we suggest you use in moderation. They might help with red blood cell formation and cellular oxidation.

Fig juice may remove warts.

Figs have been used in traditional medicine to lower cholesterol or treating diabetes.

Fun Facts

Wonder boom is the world's largest fig tree. It is in Pretoria in South Africa and is reportedly spread from a central root bole that is 1000 years old! 
Figs are believed to be the world's oldest planted crop and possibly predates wheat by 1000 years!
Fig trees can grow up to 5.5 meters high. It is a native plant of the Middle East.
It is a native plant of the Middle East. Plants grown in cooler regions produce a fruit which may not ripen. They can bear 2 crops per season: one in the early summer and another one in autumn.

In the book of Genesis, in the Bible Adam and Eve clad themselves with figs leaves after eating the "forbidden fruit".

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