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Fenugreek Ground 1kg

The seeds are ground into a fine powder. This is a common ingredient in Indian Cuisine. It mainly comes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions.
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Used in Vegetable dishes and casseroles. Can also be added in some Indian curries or mayonnaise.

The oil extracted from the seeds is used to make an imitation of the maple syrup.

Medicinal Powers?

Used within food to assist in reducing a fever. May also assist in improving fertility and reduce weight gain.

A poultice combining Fenugreek and ground charcoal is effective for treating boils, ulcers and wounds.

Fun Facts.

Fenugreek is what gives confectionery its "Butterscotch" flavour.

It can be used as a natural fumigation.

The Fenugeek powder will last up to 1 year.

The Latin botanical name of Fenugreek is "Trigonella", that is referring to the shape of the flowers. "Foenumgraecum" is the name given by the Romans when they brought it from Greece, it means "Greek hay".

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Fenugreek Ground comes from India!