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Cumin Seeds 500g

Cumin is related to Coriander. The seeds are ready to be freshly ground so to give it the maximum flavour. They give food a rich nutty, peppery flavour.
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Cumin is used in making curry powder and chilli spice mixtures. It is also used to add flavour to cheese and bread products, or Indian dishes.

Medicinal Powers?

Can be used to treat diarrhoea and indigestion. may promote weight loss.

Fun Facts

Cumin seeds have been found in the pyramids of the pharaohs, that means that this spice has been known for a long time!

In Germany in the medieval period, during the weddings, the brides and the grooms carried some cumin with some dill and salt just to ensure faithfulness.

Cumin Seeds are often used as a substitute for Black Nigella Seeds, however the two are unrelated.

Don't try this. In the 19th Century, young scholars would smoke Cumin seeds to make them look pale whilst only pretending to study.

The oil extracted from cumin seeds is used in perfumes or some liqueurs.

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