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Cornflour - Wheaten 1kg

Cornflour (Wheaten) which has been made from ground wheat. This very fine white powder is a starch and comes from the removal of the proteins from the other components present in wheat flour. It differs from flour as flour is simply ground wheat.
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It is a binding agent and is mostly used to thicken gravies, stews and sauces. It has no flavour of its own so it doesn't interfere with the recipe.

It is a key ingredient in making pudding and sponges.

Medicinal Powers?

About 1% of the population is sensitive to gluten and are known as Celiac's

Fun Facts

Gluten is Latin for "Glue"!. It is so called as it helps hold food together.

In the USA about 20% of the population target gluten free foods because they perceive it's a healthier eating option. This is a growing trend in Australia too.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Wheaten Cornflour comes from Australia.