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Coriander Seeds Canister 250g

The seeds come from the Apiaceae Herb. It has a nutty texture and a lemon citrus flavour. Roasting will enhance the flavour and then grind before use.
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It is often used in sausage making, pickling vegetables and in bread products.
Also used in making Dukkah.

Coriander is a real amalgamating spice, so you can mix it with garlic, parsley, caraway, chilli or even ginger.

The seeds are often incorporated in chicken and seafood stews, in fruit pies or in cookies.

Medicinal Powers?

It may give relief to sufferers of anxiety and insomnia.

Fun Facts

Belgians love adding Coriander to their beer as it give a fruity citrus flavour to the beverage.

The most popular Coriander variety is "Badami' but there is also limited availability of "Eagle", "Single" and "Double parrot". It is all the same to use but to the growers the difference must be important.

In its leaf form Coriander is known as "Cilantro" which we sell. See Herbs.

Coriander seeds have been found in the tombs of pharaohs, and the Greeks and the Romans used to love this spice. That is to say, Coriander has been around for a very long time!