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Coriander Cracked 1kg

Coriander seeds which have been cracked. Comes from the Apiaceae herb.

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Adds a warm, nutty, spicy, and citrus type flavour to food. Also used to add a citrus flavour to beer. We can use it in curries, sweet cakes or chicken and seafood cooking. Mixes well with many other spices, it is an amalgamating spice.

Medicinal Powers? 

Coriander is anti-bacterial and its antioxidants may delay food spoilage. It is active against salmonella so it may be worthwhile adding Coriander to susceptible foods.

Fun Facts.

A minority of people find the smell of Coriander reminiscent of soap, and thus find it offensive in food.

Oil of coriander, extracted from the seeds, are used in perfumes or to flavour sweets, meet and liquors. It also helps masking offensive odors in medicines.

During the Middle Ages, Coriander was considered as a possible aphrodisiac and was used in love potions.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Coriander comes from India!