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Cocoa Powder - Alkalized (Dutched) 1kg

Cocoa beans are the fruit of the Cocoa tree. Alkalized Cocoa powder is the low-fat component of chocolate in a powdered format.
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Adds a chocolate flavour to cooking and baking applications and hot chocolate beverages. It mixes easily with other ingredients.
Used to add flavour to ice cream, confectionery, beverages and syrups.

Medicinal Powers?

May improve endthelial function, lipid levels, blood pressure and insulin resistance.
Cocoa powder contains several minerals including Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc.

Fun Facts

Alkalized cocoa powder has an alkaline pH from 7 to 8 where as Natural cocoa powder has a acidic pH at about 5.
The process of removing the acidic fat from the Natural Cocoa was developed by C.J. Van Houten, a Dutch chemist in 1828. He added potassium carbonate to increase the alkaline properties thereby improving the taste and ease of use.

Cocoa and cacao powder are also different, as cocoa powder is raw cacao that has been roasted at high temperature, while cacao powder is made by cold-pressing un-roasted cocoa beans.

Cacao also refers generally to any food derived from cacao beans (seeds, nuts or cacao tree) including cacao butter or cacao powder.

A cacao tree can grow up to 30 feet in heights and bear fruit only 4 years after planting.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Cocoa powder comes from Spain or Malaysia!