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Citrus Peel 1kg

The peel from citrus fruits is bitter and it is sugar infused. Generally, not eaten raw. It is used in cooking.
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Mostly used in fruit cakes and bread products and in Marmalade. Can be infused to make to or liquor. Delicious when added to meat dishes or to salad dressings with olive oil, thyme and garlic.

Medicinal Powers?

Great source of Vitamin C.  Also, Citrus peel is sometimes used as a facial cleaner!

Fun Facts 

The name Marmalade comes from the French "Malade" meaning sick. The legend has it that the madam of the house "Ma" would summon staff to bring her special jam made from Citrus peel. The servants would declare "ma est malade" or "madam is sick" and the name Marmalade was born. 

Citruses are in general native to the subtropical and tropical regions of Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

It is also use as an air freshener or as a body scrub.

Country of Origin!

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