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Cinnamon Ground (Cassia) Canister 300g

Cinnamon Ground (Cassia) in a canister. These are Cassia sticks which have been ground into a fine powder. The food industry prefers cassia as it has a stronger flavour profile to natural cinnamon but the name has stuck. Also Cassia is much cheaper!
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Used in dessert recipes such as apple pie (my favourite food). Applied to sticky cinnamon buns, tea, coffee and liquors. 

Medicinal Powers?

None found.

Fun Facts

It can be legally called cinnamon as it comes from good quality, dried and rolled bark off the Cassia tree,Cinnamonum burmanii. 

Ground Cassia is also known as Bastard Cinnamon. It is cheaper and has a stronger flavour.

There are a lots of confusions between Cinnamon and Cassia, even the experts does not know how many species are existing. There are from 50 to 250 types of cassia and cinnamon.