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Chipotle 500g

Chipotle (pronounced Chi-poht-ley) comes from wood smoked dried jalapeno's. It is a mild chilli and often used in Mexican style cuisine. The powder is a brown red colour.
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Adds a mild chili and smoked flavour to foods. Often used in a salsa and in meat marinades and soups.
Can be used in bean and or lentil dishes. It is most of the time added to Mexican and South American cooking.

Medicinal Powers?

Chipotle powder contains Capsaicin. This has been linked remedies for respiratory and circulatory disorders.
It may also be a cancer blocker.

Fun Facts

It takes 10 kg Jalapeno's to make 1 kg Chipotle.
Native to the Aztec region of Southern Mexico.
Smoked seedless Jalapeno's are known as "The Capones" or "The castrated ones!"

The heat level of Chipotle is usually 5.

County of Origin!

Culpepers' Chipotle comes from Spain!