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Chillies Whole 1kg

Dried whole chillies from the Capsicum Frutencens.
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It is used as a spice to add pungency or piquancy and flavour to dishes. It is often associated with Asian and African cookings, or with curries.

Medicinal Powers?

Warms you up. Opens skin pores to encourage purging of skin toxins (sweat). Clears sinuses  (snot).

Whole chillis contain vitamin C.

Fun Facts

In Australia we simply call it chilli but in many countries they call it chilli pepper.

Internationally there are chilli eating competitions. At Culpepers we encourage the responsible use and consumption of our products.

A really hot chilli can cause fire in your mouth, to put it out, we suggest eating a spoon of sugar than drinking water.

Oils and fat tends to coat the heat molecules of Chillis, or can even delaye the heat sensation.

There are two ways to dry chillis, the first one is to just put them in the sun, while the second one is a traditional method from Spain and Mexico. It consists in tying bunches of Chillis together in garlands and hanging them on the walls of the house or on clothesline.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Chillies come from India!