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Cashews Roasted/Unsalted 1kg

Cashews which have been roasted without salt added.
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Generally a snack food.

Medicinal Foods?

Great source of Protein, Healthy Mono-unsaturated fats, Salt, Calcium and Iron.

It may help in the formation of red bloods cells and so with anemia.

The bark and the leaf from the cashew tree are used as a remedy for digestive problem or may help to reduce blood sugar level.

Fun Facts

The shell of the Cashew Nut is toxic, which is why the cashew is deshelled before being sold.

Cashews come from the same family of mangoes and pistachios. They are native to northeastern Brazil.

The fruit of the cashews are called Cashew Apple!

The shell of the cashews are sometimes used in varnish, paint or even rocket lubricant.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Cashews come from either India or Vietnam!